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Using a Blogging Basics Checklist

A Blogging Basics Checklist

This post is a part of a month-long Blogger Babes blog tour which began here. To read this post in-context, we recommend starting at the beginning--then hop along with us for the full journey. Stacie has many great intentions with this blog, and although it was neglected, I assured Stacie that I’ll do everything to help her revive it with regular guest posts on behalf of Blogger Babes. If you’ve been following … [Read more...]

Where to Get Business Cards for Your Blog

busienss cards-1

Last year I updated my site design, but completely forgot about getting new business cards done. It wasn't until I pulled out a business card to give to someone that I realized it reflected my old site design. Doh. I hate to waste the cards, but I got tired of saying, "here's my card, but it's my old design. I've got a new one now, but haven't updated my cards yet". It was time to stop procrastinating and just do … [Read more...]

Join Find Your Influence for Blogger Opportunities!

Join Find Your Influence for Blogger Opportunities!

I joined Find Your Influence in January of this year and did my first campaign with them in May. Since then, I've had a campaign every month and sold one advertising spot on my site to one of their clients. They are super organized and really easy to work with! I always get excited to see a campaign offer from them in my inbox.   They are US based, but do work with Canadian bloggers. I'm proof of that! … [Read more...]

How to Monetize Your Food Blog E-Book Review

How to Monetize Your Food Blog E-Book Review

When I first started blogging in late 2008, I would have never in a million dreamed that it would one day become my full-time job. I didn't realize that you could actually earn a living writing a blog. Not only that, but blogging has paid me a lot more money than I ever earned in my accounting job. I'm the only one working in our household right now so I'm trying to soak up as much knowledge as I can about blogging … [Read more...]

Monetizing Your Blog | April 2014


I'm on the ball this month and am getting my April affiliate income report out first thing!  Here's my list for April of what I made on the various affiliate programs I'm part of. This does not include my income I earn on my ads, sponsored posts, etc. April Affiliate Earnings Escalate Network: $0.76 Sponsored Tweets: $3.02 Social Spark: $451.66 Shareasale: $365.64  These are my top 30 programs and ones … [Read more...]

April 2014 Monthly Traffic Report


Welcome to my monthly traffic report! Each month I share the sites that sent Simply Stacie and Blogging with Simply Stacie the most traffic. Top Referring Sites for Simply Stacie Pinterest: 34,017 visits Facebook: 25,005 visits StumbleUpon: 7,762 visits Online Sweepstakes: 3,520 visits Twitter: 2,426 visits Contestgirl: 1,199 visits Bloglovin: 847 visits Buzzfeed: 846 visits Sulia: 461 … [Read more...]